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Tamara Vautour- Owner/Founder/CEO/Pet Nutritionist/PetStylist

With 20+ years in the pet industry, Tamara specializes in Hand Scissoring & Sculpting, All Breed: Traditional and Modern Styles, Creative Colour, Puppy Grooming, Double Coat Breeds and Hand Stripping Techniques. 

Tamara has a background in Salon Management and Dog Training. Tamara has spent years teaching Grooming Students basic and advanced education. She is also a Certified Pet Nutritionist, this continued education makes her an expert on advanced coat, skin and other heath related concerns that can impact safe grooming practices.

Tamara prides herself on being an honest groomer/business owner, no hidden agendas. However, this bark has bite... she speaks clear, honest and runs a tight ship to ensure safety and quality for staff and clients is acheived. Tamara is an advocate for the pets coming into the salon and will choose sanity over vanity everytime. She believes educating her clients and staff on proper grooming routines and maintenance is the first step to success. 

When Tamara is not in the salon or working, she is spending time with her Husband, Dan, and her 2 Cane Corsos, Athena & Kratos. 

Tamara enjoys practicing Agility and Obedience Training with her dogs and is a huge Horror/Slasher Movie Lover!

"I've created Premium PetStyling to give clients exactly that, Premium Quality haircuts and a spa like experience for a less stress free visit. I want you to feel comfortable leaving your pets in our care and know they will be treated with the best quality products and treatments. Premium PetStyling is not just a name, but a vision made possible with the best team and passion for what we do... it's what we love, it's who we are!"

Jenianne Burkin- PetStylist

Jen joined Premium PetStyling in 2020, after working 3 years in a large box store, to advance her grooming skills and continue education in a more positive environment.


Jens passion for pets is transparent in work. She wears her heart on her sleeve and she is not afraid to tackle even the most challenging clients.

Jen specializes in All Breed: Traditional and Modern Styles, Senior Pets, Creative Mohawks, and Nervous Dogs. Jen always strives to please her clients and perfect her skills to ensure she can offer a wide range of services. She will do her best to go over and above your expectations.


Jen has become a crucial member of our family and she radiates a positive attitude each and every day. Jen will always put her client first and give 110%. We are happy to have her as part of our team and she will tell you, our clients are worth the 40 min drive from home to Premium PetStyling. Her home is here with us.

When Jen is not working in the salon, she is spending time with her better half (according to Tamara), her 2 Dogs, Olive (Chihuahua), Oat (Whippet) and her Feline Friend (Emma). Jen enjoys games, puzzles and tattoos! Also, hates Vegetables... all of them.

Brenna Warner- PetStylist / Feline Stylist

Brenna came to Premium PetStyling in 2019 with a goal in mind... to become a Premium PetStylist!

Brenna joined our team as a PetStylist Assistant and completed our 2-year Internship Program to become a PetStylist. After an unfortunate medical surgery it delayed Brenna's education plans a bit and she was finally promoted in Fall 2021! 

Brenna has continued to work toward advancing her grooming skills and challenges herself every day to reach new highs. Brenna specializes in Double Coat Breeds and All Breed: Traditional and Modern Styles. Brenna's soft and calm nature helps ease even the most nervous pets. 

Brenna has become a great asset to our Premium Family and we see amazing things in store for her grooming future. Brenna's best quality is her loyalty to her clients and team. She will work overtime to achieve the results you are looking for. And if she doesn't know how to do something she will find a way to find out! We couldn't be happier to be a part of her grooming journey and we look forward to watching her grow!

When Brenna is not working in the salon, she is spending time with her long time boyfriend and her spoiled Boxer Roxie! Brenna loves attending dog shows and competing in dog sports with Roxie every chance she gets. Brenna is a fan of the mountains, camping adventures and doing 'old lady' activities like knitting, crossword puzzles and making perogies while drinking tea.

Jordan Byblow- PetStylist

Jordan shares a long history with our fearless leader.

Jordan began her grooming career with Tamara as her mentor 16+ years ago!

Cut from the same cloth, Tamara has always been a magnetic north for Jordan. No matter the circumstance she always finds her way back home. 


After a bit of a hiatus to raise a family, Jordan has 2 young boys heading off to school and she is ready to dust off her clippers and take on clients! 


Jordan specializes in All Breed: Modern and Traditional Styles, Double Coat Breeds and Hand Scissoring. Jordan has always excelled in customer satisfaction and her passion and drive for grooming is evident in her finished quality. 


Jordan brings exceptional value to our team and we couldn't be more thrilled to have her back as part of our family. We look forward to seeing her get back in the swing of it all.


When Jordan is not working in the salon, this mom is raising her 2 beautiful boys and making the most out of life. She loves spending time outdoors and showing her kids all the sites this city has to offer.

She is also the biggest Disney junkie!

Lets just say, the Disney store closing is still a sore subject... but Disney will forever be in her heart!

*Jordan's schedule is limited at the moment but her availability will be more stable soon. Unless you know a great Child Care Provider.. 

Danielle Desjarlais- PetStylist Assistant/Bather

My story is still being written... check back soon! 

Julia Dally- PetStylist Assistant/Bather

My story is still being written... check back soon! 

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