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Our Policies





We will not be allowing unsafe transport leashes or any training related collars within our lobby and salon effective June 1 2023.

These leashes have been proven to not keep pets controlled in our lobby with other clients. 

Loose pets in the lobby can run into the busy parking lot. 

If you come into the salon with a retractable/fexi-leash you will be asked to remove it and you will be sold a slip leash or clip leash from the salon. 

Training Collars such as prong collars and Bark collars are not intended for grooming services. We respect which ever training tools you see fit for your pet however we would like to uphold a positive grooming experience for you pet while in our care. 


Late Appointments, Late Cancellations and No Shows are a serious matter. Our salon schedules spa appointments keeping our bottom line, operation costs and prices in mind. We understand you’re busy with daily tasks so for your convenience, we offer text message and email appointment reminders/confirmations the day before so you will never miss an appointment.

Premium PetStyling is a high end pet grooming and spa facility with professional experienced PetStylists. To ensure our salon can continue to offer the highest quality of services and provide the safest grooming practices, we have had to implement and enforce the following policies:


Late Appointments:

Our time is precious and important to us, and we respect your time also. In order to ensure the highest quality
of services and safety of the pets in our care it’s very important we stay on schedule. Late appointments can delay our Stylists fully booked schedule and our other equally important clients. Upon a late arrival to your appointment, depending on the amount of time that has gone by, your PetStylist may have to reschedule your pet’s spa visit. If your Stylist can accommodate the requested services, we reserve the right to charge a late fee. Late fees are calculated at $1 per minute after your scheduled appointment time. Per Pet.
If you choose to reschedule or your PetStylist needs to reschedule your late appointment, this appointment will be recorded as and considered a No Showed Appointment (see No Show Policy).


Late Cancellation:

We schedule our clients with the allowed time and requirements to groom your pets safely. We do our best at
offering the best spa appointments to pamper your pet and providing times and days that fit your schedule. Once your pet is booked in we have secured that spot for you only. That means we cannot offer that time or day to another client. Premium PetStyling requires a minimum of 24 hours for any and all cancellations or changes prior to your grooming time. This will allow our Stylists to fill that spot with another client. We reserve the right to hold our clients accountable and charge a late cancellation fee of $35.00 per pet, if less than 24 hours notice is given. 


No Shows:

Not showing up for your scheduled appointments greatly affects our bottom line. We are not able to fill these
missed or forgotten appointment spots. We have secured your appointments and ask that our time is respected. We reserve the right to hold our clients accountable for their scheduled appointments, No Show fees are:

WEEKDAYS: $50.00 per pet


Premium PetStyling and our Staff thank you for helping us provide professional and efficient services

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