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Salon FAQ



How long do I have to leave my pet?
We typically ask for 2-2.5 hours per appointment. Size, temperament and coat condition may affect these times
and are taken into consideration during our consultations at check in. We want to make sure that we have the right
amount of time to complete a safe and quality gro
om. We will give you a pick up time based on the consultation and if
we are done early we will give you a call. See Express Services for appointments under 2 hours. 


Will you kennel my pet?
Yes. For the safety of your pet and our other clients in the salon we do use kennels. The kennel time is brief and
only used to allow your pet short breaks between grooming steps or after they are completed. We are not a daycare so
pets in our care do not come in contact with each other. We want your pet to smell great after their spa treatments and
not like other dogs.


What if I don’t want my dog kenneled?
We do offer Express Services. This professional service is an additional charge, however we will do your pet
straight through with no interruptions. Your PetStylist will not participate in the everyday operations of the store so they
can groom your pet only from start to finish. The groomer will be responsible to sit with your pet until they have been
pick up so a prompt pick up time is required. This service must be discussed while booking. Depending on size,
temperament and coat condition, appointments usually take approx. 1-1.5 hours and can vary by PetStylist.


Do you require vet vaccinations/records?
Dogs: No. We strongly recommend that your dog be vaccinated and/or treated against all infectious conditions,
including: Distemper, Bordetella, Parainfluenza, Parvovirous and Rabies. It is still possible for vaccinated pets to become
ill despite being vaccinated. This is not due to the condition in the Grooming Salon. It is at your own discretion to
vaccinate your pet with veterinary recommendations.

Cats: Yes. Cat appointments must provide veterinary paperwork on or before the time of your appointment. Our PetStylists will not perform services on felines without proper paperwork and up to date vaccines. This helps our staff ensure your pet has been health checked prior to grooming. Cats are more sensitive to stress and grooming can be very stressful for your feline. A health check is important. Your cat is not an indoor cat if you are taking it out for grooming. All vaccines including Rabies must be up to date.  


Do you do just nail trimming? How often?
Yes. Nail trimming is a walk in service and no appointment is necessary. Nails are recommended to be trimmed
every 2-4 weeks depending on the activity level of your pet. Please see our Walk in Services for a full list and pricing.


Do you feed them?
No. Due to the amount of allergies and sensitivities we do not feed your pets while in our care. Our Premium Staff will reward with positive reinforcement and we will leave the treats up to you after they have had their spa treatments. We would like your pet to associate grooming with high energy praise and not food while on the grooming table. 


What if I don’t want my pet bathed?
Our spa services do include a bath. The bath helps us remove all dirt, excessive oils and debris from the coat and
skin while blow drying after fluffs up and straightens the hair so we can give the best quality finish and evenest haircut
possible. A clean coat is also safer and easier on our expensive grooming tools. If you choose to not have a bath you will
be charged the same package price to cover the cost of tool cleaning and maintenance. Trust us, your pet’s haircut will
look 100% better with the full packaged spa services we offer.


Can I bring my own shampoo?
We have hand selected some of the best salon quality products within the grooming industry to pair with our
services. We do offer a wide range of products to fit your pet’s needs such as Hypo Allergenic, Dandruff, Yeast, or De-Shed
however, you are more than welcome to bring in your own pet shampoo for us to use. Vet recommended shampoos are
welcome and used to manufactures recommendations. Any client provided shampoos MUST come in original packaging
and MUST be an approved pet product. NO DISH SOAP or HUMAN BEAUTY PRODUCTS. Our staff will use the amount necessary to make sure your pet is clean so make sure there is enough product for a minimum of 2-3 full body washes. 


What if my pet is Pregnant OR In Heat Cycle?
Pets can be very sensitive during pregnancy. It is best for them to stay at home and in a stress free environment.
During pregnancy any stress can create unnecessary complications. Grooming should be postponed until after birth and
nursing is done.

Pets in season (heat cycle) can be groomed. However, a pet in season will be charged an additional $50 for cleaning and sanitization. Pets in season can also be a bit more sensitive to grooming practices and can even be a bit more temperamental. Please note that there may be unneutered males in our facility and we are not responsible for hormonal behavior that can arise when its breeding season. We recommend that you educate yourself on safe practices while owning an intact female or male. 

We can not guarantee the quality of grooming and cleanliness of your pet during their heat cycle. Swelling of nipples and vulva can become more at risk for nicks or cuts during the grooming process or for uneven haircut results.

Obviously, we do our best at keeping all pets in our care safe and comfortable at all times. 


What Size of dogs do you groom?
All sizes are welcome. We can accommodate even the largest dogs. We have equipment in our salon to cater to
all sizes including walk in tubs and hydraulic/electric tables.


Do you do Glands?
Glands are considered a medical concern and we highly recommend speaking to your pets Veterinarian prior to
your appointment regarding their medical needs. We as professionals will only provide external gland care with our
Premium Groom/Bath Spa Packages upon client request. Please talk to our PetStylists about your gland maintenance
requests. Additional fees may be applied.


Do you do Ear Plucking?
Ear plucking is available upon client request. Some breeds grow hair inside of the ear canal that can be removed.
This grooming service is performed based on the dog’s medical needs. Some dogs may need the hair removed from the
ears to create more air flow to prevent holding in moisture and bacteria; while other dogs may require the ear hair to
block out debris and bacteria from entering the ear canal causing infections. Factors like diet, skin condition, health and
daily activities can determine the ear care routines best suited for your pet. We highly recommend you speak to your
pets Veterinarian prior to your appointment. We as professionals will provide ear plucking services upon request and

tolerant level of your dog. If your pet shows any sign of stress, pain or discomfort during the procedure, we reserve to
right to discontinue and refer you to your Veterinarian. Additional fees may be applied.


Do you offer Small Animal Grooming?
Yes, we love all animals and do have special spa packages designed for other furbabies like Guinea Pigs and
Rabbits. Ask a PetStylist today.


How old does my dog have to be for grooming?
Grooming is a huge part of your pets life. We recommend starting them as early as possible to the grooming
world. Puppies as young as 8 weeks with their 2nd set of vaccines are welcome into the salon. We have specially designed
puppy and kitten spa treatments to make their introduction to grooming routines positive and safe.


Do I need an appointment?
All of our Premium Bath and Premium Groom Spa services do require an appointment to ensure we have the
proper amount of time to perform the highest quality and safety of service.
 Minimum appointment $30.00.


Can I stay with my pet?
Unfortunately our salon is open concept so we do not allow outside visitors to stay in the salon while grooming
services are being performed. We have a very small space and need to remain within capacity and your pet may not be
the only pet receiving spa treatments at that time. Outside visits cause distractions to not only your pet but other pets in
our care. These distractions can make our job very difficult and unsafe. It is important for your pet to be completely
engaged with their PetStylist.


How often should I bring my dog in for grooming?
We highly recommend your pet receive spa treatments between 4-8 weeks minimum to improve and/or
maintain overall health. The more often your pet visits the grooming s
alon the more comfortable your pet will be during
grooming routines. “A pet groomed every 4-6 weeks will think of it as part of life, while a pet groomed every 3-6 months
will think of it as punishment”.
The length between visits can be determined by hair style, coat type, health and at home maintenance. Ask your
PetStylist what the best grooming schedule for you and your pet today! Don’t forget to ask about our Loyalty Program
for frequent visits to fit your budget and schedule!

What if I don't want my pet shaved if it's Matted?

We take matting very seriously at Premium PetStyling. The way we see it, you have had every opportunity to brush your pet at home between visits. We can only provide our clients with options based on what we are presented with. We are not refusing to provide professional services. We consider all matting and mat removal to be a health risk to your pet. Premium PetStyling does not brush out or save a matted coat and does consider your pet to be in distress. A matted coat is a neglected coat! 


However, we do encourage you to put your pet first and look past the cosmetic surface and follow our advice. Sanity over Vanity. If you are concerned about an ugly haircut:




If you are not willing to brush your dog a few times per week, please do not expect your PetStylist to do it in a day! Grooming maintenance and training starts at home and requires consistency. 

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