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Our Waiver of Liability

Upon each arrival you will be asked to update any medical information for your pets and sign our Waiver of Liability.
We want yo
u to know what your signing, no hidden secrets! Take a look and read through so you don't have to in the salon:

You might be asking yourself why you can't sign it here?
Unfortunately we need to witness you sign the waiver to make sure its you signing. The person dropping off your pet is the one responsible for your pets appointment. It also ensures the Pet Parent or Guardian that is completing the consultation with us is indeed the same individual signing the liability. 

Waiver of Liability

*Minimum Consultation Fee $30

*No Show Fee $50 /Saturdays & December Appointments $75

*Late Cancellation Fee $35

*Late Appointment Fee $1/min

*Late Pick up fee after 5pm $2/min

*Kennel Rental $25 (after 5 hours)

Premium PetStyling and staff strongly recommend that your pet be vaccinated and treated against all infectious conditions, including Distemper, Bordetella (Kennel Cough), Parainfluenza, Parvovirus, and Rabies. It is still possible for vaccinated pets to become ill with an infectious condition despite being vaccinated. This is not due to any condition in the grooming salon, and you agree that you will not hold the Grooming Salon liable in the event your pet becomes ill with any of these conditions during or after their visit. All Feline Grooming Services are required to bring in proof of up to date/current vaccine records from your vet. Without proof your cat will not be groomed and your pre-paid non-refundable deposit will be used to cover your appointment time.                                                     


We are not responsible for any allergic reactions resulting from the manufacturer-recommended usage of any pet products. We will only use pet friendly and professional grooming products in our salon and offer Hypoallergenic options, when possible, to pets with more sensitive skin. If an allergic reaction occurs, please contact us immediately so we can update and document your pets file to help prevent further irritation during future appointments. Your pet may experience an allergic reaction at any time, and it is impossible to predict. De- Shed Treatments have active ingredients and are not available as Hypoallergenic. Although your pet may experience an allergic reaction at any time, Flea/Tick/Lice products have a higher incidence of reaction. Please consult your Veterinarian prior to having your pet treated. If the presence of Fleas/Ticks/Lice is determined by our staff during their spa treatments, you will be required to pick up your pet immediately unfinished and an additional sanitization fee of $50.00 will be applied to your bill. This allows for the extra steps to ensure all other pets in our care are protected and our staff can protect themselves from bringing it home to their pets as well. It is recommended to do preventive treatments on your pets if you are bringing them to any pet facility.                           

We are not responsible for any pre-existing medical conditions or aggravation of those conditions, such as, but not limited to, heart disease, arthritis, obesity, skin irritation, sensitive skin (clipper irritation), skin allergies, glands, ear infections, trachea, luxating patella’s, seizures or any other medical problem that may arise or be affected by the grooming process. This can and may occur DURING or AFTER their spa visit. If there are medical concerns, please advise our Premium Staff to ensure your pet receives the services or care they may require. Additional cost may apply. Anal Glands and Ear Infections are considered a medical condition. Our staff will externally express glands and pluck ears upon request at check in.                                                                                                                                   


Aggression/Behavioural Concerns: The health and wellbeing of your pet and our staff is our primary concern. If we feel your pet and/or our staff is in jeopardy, a muzzle or restraint may be used, or services refused/discontinued. If your pet is openly aggressive or vicious during the grooming process or toward other pets in our care, we may require an aggressive pet fee and discontinued services. Discontinued services will still be paid in full.

We consider all matting and mat removal to be a health risk to your pet. If your pet requires any mat removal from it’s coat, there will be additional fees added to your invoice. You should be aware that your pet is at high risk or RAZOR BURN aka CLIPPER IRRITAION, NICKS/CUTS, and HEMATOMA to the skin with any mat removal procedure. Premium PetStyling does not brush out or save a matted coat and does consider your pet to be in distress and additional fees will apply. If you choose to refuse service and not remove your pets matted coat, as per professional recommendations and your pet’s health and well-being, you will be required to pay for the minimum consultation fee of $35 for the appointment.


By signing this waiver of liability, you grant Premium PetStyling permission to use photos of your pets to showcase our work on our social media platforms. We encourage you to follow and admire. By leaving your email address you give permission to receive email reminders, promotions, and policy updates. Your email is also linked to our online booking services. You can book online up to 1 year in advance and we encourage all our clients to plan ahead and avoid disappointment, especially during busy seasons. Our appointments are first come first serve. Make sure to book accordingly to remain on the Loyalty Program. All pets must be leashed and controlled while in the salon. All leashes and collars must be used properly. Premium PetStyling is a Flexi-Leash/Prong-Collar Free Facility.

I understand that injuries or death to my pet can occur as a result of grooming personnel handling and or grooming my pet. I waive any claim against the groomer or Premium PetStyling Ltd. arising for the handling or grooming of my pet and I waive any claims for injury, medical or physical problem that may affect my pet after being groomed. You understand we are working with a live animal, and they can be unpredictable around the grooming equipment. We at Premium PetStyling strive in offering the highest quality services possible with your pet, however, safety, tolerance and providing a stress-free experience is important. Our goal is to make your pets spa visit as positive as possible. We promise to uphold safe grooming practices over the cosmetic look of your pet. We advise your pets, especially seniors or pets with pre-existing conditions, maintain a regular grooming routine of 4-6 weeks to help minimize stress and other grooming related/medical issues including but not limited to matting, skin irritations, oil/bacteria build up, and overgrown nails.


You understand and respect that you are not permitted to take any photos or video of our staff or our other client’s pets without their consent. This is to protect our clients, your pets and our staff’s privacy. We thank you for your cooperation.

Our PetStylists do our best to interpret all service requests during your consultations. This form will remain on file for: 30 days


By signing this waiver below, you consent to all the above policies and procedures of Premium PetStyling Ltd and agree to pay all services rendered in full at the completion of your services and pick up of your pet.  All prices are before discounts and taxes. All Required Deposits are Non-Refundable/Non-Transferable. You must be of legal age (18 years of age or older).


Client Signature: ___________________________________                                    Date:______________________

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